Birthday Blowers

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The concept of someone blowing all over a cake others were about to eat was never exactly the most sanitary choice if you think about it. I mean - how ridiculous would be if we randomly leaned across the table at dinner and blew all over your onion rings? You'd be like, "What is her damage?" (Maybe not to our face but DEFINITELY in a group text later.)

But now it's critical that we prioritize and protect others' health. 

We've fashioned a little something to help you extinguish your celebratory candles safely and stylishly.   

We'll box up this little beauty and include three sets of lips. The paper lips can also be used as a template to create duplicates down the road.  (P.S. We're always trying to think of low-cost/free work options for you. But, we get it - you're busy and our version is fun. So - add to cart.)

Just a reminder that the birthday blower is made of paper and plastic - so keep it away from a direct flame. But if you didn't put your own lips directly on the flame, you were probably already planning on that. 

Also, how are we just now asking - is it your special day? Happy Special Day from Meghan and Scott. We think you're great. Okay, bye.