Let's Chat

Hi hi. It’s Meghan and Scott. We started Standard Party Supply Co to inject a little party into life. So, like, birthday parties and graduations? Sure. But also quiet afternoons home alone or Zoom dinners with your great aunt or those online “happy hours” your coworker keeps scheduling. We’re hoping to be your fun Internet friends with weird little ideas to give you laugh or make your next event a little extra

We source almost every single item we use (from fabric to office supplies) at local, independent stores. As a small business, we want to invest in similar ventures - especially during such a difficult economic time. 

It is also important that all of the artists with whom we are fortunate enough to collaborate are compensated fairly for their creativity . We specifically try to work with BIPOC / LGBTQIA artists, creators and fabricators. Ensuring SPSC is an agent for change is as important as our commitment to fun and frivolity.

Come follow us on Instagram and let’s exchange DMs about your favorite type of hot sauce. Or let us brainstorm ideas if you’re stuck on a gift or a cheap solution for dinner tonight. Mostly, we want you to tell you that you are tremendous and there is so much fun to be found in life. And you’re always welcome at our party. (Even if it’s just the three of us microwaving a Trader Joe’s burrito and watching Waiting to Exhale for the 72nd time.) 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And keep smiling - you’re doing great.